AI, Shaping the Future!

AI, Shaping the Future!

Akin to the Internet wave that took the world by storm, artificial intelligence is primed to dramatically advance the way we produce and consume media entertainment. It won’t be long before AI will be ubiquitous, just like how we now cannot do without digital formats in all areas. AI is at the forefront of prominent emergent technologies now.

While AI is slowly, but surely, creating its niche in many industries, from banking to agriculture, the one industry that will witness a huge impact is the media and entertainment industry. It would definitely not be an understatement to say that AI will, or rather is, revolutionizing the M&E industry and many are already realizing its advantages.

Optimization of Metadata

Optimization of metadata and over the top (OTT) delivery is been done by AI by thwarting clogged links and connectivity losses. Here AI oversees the content distribution structure, – which shows information flow status and identifies optimization opportunities, while streaming and how it can be scaled further.

In handling the huge multitudes of data, AI is being viewed as a management tool as an answer to manage the volumes generated by OTT platforms, and by broadcasters. AI is been viewed as the right way to manage the production and at the same time drive customized content and services.

Impact on Content Cycle

AI’s impact, for starters, is in the entire content cycle; from content production to content management, from content consumption to delivery and publishing. IBM’s Watson produced a ‘cognitive’ movie trailer for an online horror movie, which used visual and audio analysis for the rough cut. On the other hand, Netflix used AI to curate content and enhance recommendations based on earlier preferences; even as user experience takes increasing priority.

What’s the Next Best Content?

A tough question that was decided by the bigwigs in the erstwhile era, is now practically in the hands of AI. There are now several publishers who use neural network intelligence to make that tough call. For example, if your latest horror genre show was an instant hit you might be tempted to create more of the same content; but AI literally relies on numbers to do in-depth calculations based on various factors and lets you know what type of content would work best next.

One Content, Many Avatars

In today’s age of social media, media journalists have to produce various versions of the same text catering to the different platforms and word limits, which is a time-consuming effort. Media and broadcasting companies are now looking at AI as an alternative to help curate the text workload, which will help media professionals focus on what they do best.

Not Lost in Translation

AI tech giants like Google and Microsoft are working on translation features, which would help convert content from one language to another in a jiffy- all with the helping hand of powerful AI tools. With this, regional content is no more relegated to a far-flung corner due to budget constraints but is instead thrust into the global arena, which not just increases viewership but also globalizes content.

AI’s Science Makes Social Better

Social media is quite literally ruling the world and overtaking every platform thanks to its instant accessibility and reach. But users are grappling with different social media formats and harmonizing content across all of these. What might work on Facebook, might not work on Instagram and curating for each can be a tedious task. AI can again come to the rescue here and with a good logistics platform, can allow this to be automated based on each social strategy.

Where’s the Moolah?

Whether you like it or not, every time you visit a page, you are bombarded with numerous ads luring you to click, if not at least give a cursory glance. AI here curates the ads based on your search history and personalizes the ads to your preferences while dealing with mountains of data behind it all.

The Future with AI

AI is being created to recognize many content themes wherein native advertising can be placed for individual users; a new level of dynamic content marketing. This increases the potential for personalized and targeted marketing and advertising.

An exhilarating era ahead for all industries, especially for the media and entertainment industry, thanks to the technological leaps in AI technology. AI is on the verge of improving, personalizing, advertizing, marketing and consuming media entertainment; to an altogether next level!

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