April Beltran

April Beltran

Project Description

Designation: Actor/voice actor, Producer, Dancer
Areas of Expertise: Post production, Acting, Instructor/Educator

April Jean Beltran is an American theatrical actress and dancer who has worked in various venues from Shakespeare in the park to commercial shoots as well as working with various dance troupes in both Los Angeles and Hawaii. April has worked with several dance troupes including the Pasadena Ballet and the Santa Monica Dance Company. Originally from Los Angeles, California, April moved to the big Island of Hawaii and was individually tutored and mentored by the late Daniel Goldman from the New York Ballet Dance theater in which Master Goldman becamer her private mentor and instructor.

Mrs.Beltran is also an accomplished actress who has worked on commercials, theater productions including A midsummer night's Dream and several Children's theater in the greater Los Angeles area. April has recently done voice overs for various productions, she is currently the character voices for many tv animation pilots.

April is also the executive producer overseeing production on various animation projects and is responsible for the financial and managerial aspect of the animation institution of Dr.Beltran’s school of animation and visual wonder.