Barry Sandrew

Barry Sandrew

Project Description

Designation: Founder, Legend3D and Chairman, ARival
Areas of Expertise:
Entertainment: All immersive technology including Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D Conversion, 3D Sensing and Photogrammetry
3D Sensing Technology: Unmanned Arial Vehicles and Autonomous Cars

From Harvard/MGH neuroscientist to internationally recognized serial entrepreneur, digital imaging expert & visual effects (VFX) pioneer, Dr. Barry Sandrew has over 33 patents and decades of feature film & TV accomplishments including productions for all the major Hollywood studios, TV networks & several cable networks. Sandrew is the original inventor of the process for colorizing black and white movies and founder of two production studios that became gold standards for color VFX.

In 2007 Sandrew invented a process for converting 2D films to 3D and subsequently founded Legend3D. Beginning in 2010, Sandrew oversaw creative and technical teams in the 3D conversion of Alice In Wonderland, the Shrek Trilogy, Transformers: Dark of the Moon and many more tent-pole films at the height of the 3D phenomenon. In subsequent years the teams Barry Sandrew led have worked on the 3D conversion and VFX of more than 50 of the highest grossing 3D feature films of the past 7 years.

An invited keynote speaker at many international conferences focused on new media, Barry Sandrew is considered a thought leader in Augmented and Virtual Reality with an significant social media following. Dr. Sandrew is also a consultant to Fortune 5000 companies in the mobile space, focusing on emerging opportunities in augmented reality, the Internet of Things and 3D Sensor Technologies – Converging our Real and Digital Worlds.