David Ingham

Media & Entertainment startups

Project Description

Designation: Senior Director/Digital Partner - Media & Entertainment at Cognizant
Areas of Expertise: Content distribution, Monetization, AI

David is currently a Digital Partner in the Media & Entertainment practice at Cognizant Technology Solutions. In this role he is tasked with putting digital technology in an industry
context for clients. His focus is on how content can be distributedand monetised, which requires deep understanding of the digital supplychain (content creation, storage, workflow), distribution channels(OTT, mobile, social, etc.) and marketing (personalisation, marketing automation, segmentation, etc.). Increasingly AI is being integratedinto Media & Entertainment processes to accelerate the creation,time-to-market, and distribution of content to an increasing number ofend points. David has worked on these robotics/automation/AI projects both at Cognizant and his time at IBM.